Sunday, November 8, 2009

its high time now that we people should come up new ideas " on how to hang up the phone." they have been repeated and used since ages now. "yaar mummy's calling for dinner. i'll talk to you later" , "yaar someone's calling, i'll get back to you tommorow". and " yaar dad want to use the phone". and etc. etc. let me guess the actuall probable reasons . * you running short of balance.* or * may be you trying to ignore the person* or * you done with your chat, have nothing to share , so you have no clue how to hang up the phone* and at times you are talking to a good friend of yours. so the question is why one has to give false reasons to your friends. time has come that we should be bold and loyal. # listen my balance is gonna be over , so talk to you later#, # you sound very boring now , talk later.#

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  1. wat about .. " i gotta pee real bad .... bye ! "