Wednesday, September 30, 2009

going back home tommorow. relief, actually trust me. but............. how far and how long can one run away from truth. don't know how to react . want 2 loose all my contacts for the next 15 days. its not impossible though but.................. won't be able to do so. the first term of 3rd yr was a totally different experience. wasn't as simple as in foundation or in 2nd yr. don't know what happened to me. now it seems am back on the right track again, hopefully. mom, here i come.
its sooooooooooo............ annoying when people for some random reason , give a full stop, while they are sharing something with you. then one has to literally cry or fight with the next person, so that he or she puke out everything . and if you are left in that condition, then the level of curosity increases and so does your blood pressure. and that feeling of hanging with a thin cotton thread is amazing. because it leads to loads of presumptions and assumptions. so the moral of the story and discussion is " practise yoga , so that you can control on your emotions."

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st term of third year was quite boring. did nothing meaningfull , didn't feel like working in college, was hanging around with friends, running after girls. no free lance work. no extra money. have lost more weight. and was not in a good mood through out the 1st term. and to add on friends and well wishers showed there extra concern. " whats wrong with you uttam? , is everything fine? you ok uttam? why are you soo sad?" ok thats very mean on my part. but still, the simple issue was that i didn't knew what was going wrong with me? . but now it seems that things are getting alot better than earlier. going back home . excited to meet family and friends after a long time. hopefully next term ............................... wait a minute no hopes please... . have to go back to work now. don't want any non submmitions in the very 1st term to screw it further.


subject-" leg pulling or pulling leg"
subject-" made for each other"
subject-" ekla chalo ree........"
subject-" dukhti rakh pe paaoon rahk diya"
subject-" ever confusing in life"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ohh.. god m missing my school. oh. shit am getting more emotional as am recalling all those great moments of my life. everything was so pure. not everything but yaa, am missing them very badly. ok what i remember about my school days . punishments, was even beaten up by princi's umbrella. and mathematics classes , cricket, basket ball, teachers love you all, and most important of all friends. love you all. miss you very much.
am so bad in conveying my feelings . my communication skills through writing sucks. have wasted about an hour to write something meanigful and i come up with this as a conclusion. so.... basically will have to work more on this department also. not now though, got some more important work to do.
yaaaaawwwwnnnnnnnnnnn...... need some break now, though i'll be back with some more work. hope u enjoyed . if yea... then do come back because i won't stop working. and if you didn't liked then also come back. am sure you'll like it next time.


live sketch.

subject-" sardarji"

subject-"haath ki kat -putli"

some other work

subjests-"ganesha" and "elvis"
subject-" dice"

illustrations i did, not for college( during my 2nd yr in college)


live sketch,

college work 2nd yr

now i know why u shuldn't be using dry pastels on hand made sheet. though i loved working on this assignment.
out door illustration . a new style taught by Mr Soumen Bhowmik. thanx sir.
silk screen work, subject -" che g"
typo work, illustrate a character using fonts
illustration using -thumbs, hand prints, brush stokes, etc
character design, name- chiku
sunject-" saadhu"

some of my work i did before i came to college

am i big time shah rukh fan.
scaricature of ronadineyooo............. . kind of a turning point in my style of work.
still love them alot...

a section of college assignment i don't enjoy anymore

nike shoe. 2nd yr.
pepsi can. in 2nd yr.

college illustration work in 3rd yr

subject-" election fever in india".
subject- "your dream holiday". havn't done rock climbing in life.
subject-" nuclear power in the hands of hitler".
subject-" right to vote". the issue of voting is so casual . we take it very lightly. wake up.


this one's a bit funny. don't think have to explain anything here
here i compared the 2 worlds. one within you and the outside world. inspite of so much happening around you , you feel very lonely deep inside.
ok , subject for this work " recession". here i have compared the working class with dogs who are being controlled by their masters.
since i have just started with blogging , so i hope you'll excuse me for all sorts of stupidity of mine. and that includes my english. though i always try to imrove in this department. anyhow..... m not making any set of rules and regulations for my self to be followed. thats because according to me
"rules are meant to be broken and promises are meant to be kept". but there is twist in the latter department, actually its very painful for meh to keep promises also. ok now chuck . and ya i hope you'll be able to know me much better. i won't say a totally different uttam, but ya some corners of my character are still unknown to others. so please don't get surprise if i get a little senti about life and my phylosophies of living life. though they get updated as needed under circumstances. and finally gyan no. 1 - evolution is the ultimate truth in this world. so i beg you all not to be sad in life when you see people around you changing. its very much important for our society to move on for better or worse. and ..... flush the concept of everyone changing and you being the same , forever. even you are changing. thats it for now catch you later.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

hey hav startd wid dis blog, bt no idea wat 2 do. yeah i want 2......... haan put up my wrk. n i'll share my nt sooo depressin lif. n i'll try 2 type in normal english. so ........ do come back ... anytime every day. cya