Monday, September 28, 2009

1st term of third year was quite boring. did nothing meaningfull , didn't feel like working in college, was hanging around with friends, running after girls. no free lance work. no extra money. have lost more weight. and was not in a good mood through out the 1st term. and to add on friends and well wishers showed there extra concern. " whats wrong with you uttam? , is everything fine? you ok uttam? why are you soo sad?" ok thats very mean on my part. but still, the simple issue was that i didn't knew what was going wrong with me? . but now it seems that things are getting alot better than earlier. going back home . excited to meet family and friends after a long time. hopefully next term ............................... wait a minute no hopes please... . have to go back to work now. don't want any non submmitions in the very 1st term to screw it further.

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