Sunday, September 27, 2009

since i have just started with blogging , so i hope you'll excuse me for all sorts of stupidity of mine. and that includes my english. though i always try to imrove in this department. anyhow..... m not making any set of rules and regulations for my self to be followed. thats because according to me
"rules are meant to be broken and promises are meant to be kept". but there is twist in the latter department, actually its very painful for meh to keep promises also. ok now chuck . and ya i hope you'll be able to know me much better. i won't say a totally different uttam, but ya some corners of my character are still unknown to others. so please don't get surprise if i get a little senti about life and my phylosophies of living life. though they get updated as needed under circumstances. and finally gyan no. 1 - evolution is the ultimate truth in this world. so i beg you all not to be sad in life when you see people around you changing. its very much important for our society to move on for better or worse. and ..... flush the concept of everyone changing and you being the same , forever. even you are changing. thats it for now catch you later.

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