Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

life isn't that complicated. actually our perspective towards life is complex. so basically we have to change our perspective towards life. whatever the situation be.

Friday, November 27, 2009

vella tym illustrations

unglli karna 4
dimag chaatna 3
dimag chatna 2

unglli karna 3
unglli karna 2

dimag chatna
unglli karna 1

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

its so important to be a good actor in this f world. we do all sorts of shit stuff to be in the game. you dance, fool around with your happier-than-never-before face along with a sad face deep inside. you don't express yourself. at times one has reasons, justified. most of us are fooling others and ourself with no reasons, can't even ask " why" to anyone.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

illusion , its everywhere around . and we are a part of it. we create them, we play with them, and finally we fall as prey to them.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

its high time now that we people should come up new ideas " on how to hang up the phone." they have been repeated and used since ages now. "yaar mummy's calling for dinner. i'll talk to you later" , "yaar someone's calling, i'll get back to you tommorow". and " yaar dad want to use the phone". and etc. etc. let me guess the actuall probable reasons . * you running short of balance.* or * may be you trying to ignore the person* or * you done with your chat, have nothing to share , so you have no clue how to hang up the phone* and at times you are talking to a good friend of yours. so the question is why one has to give false reasons to your friends. time has come that we should be bold and loyal. # listen my balance is gonna be over , so talk to you later#, # you sound very boring now , talk later.#

Saturday, November 7, 2009

at times life becomes so tiring that you end up with no time for emotions. specially when its celebration time. u don't have time to sit back and share life with friends and family. can't help it. u got to move on.

Friday, November 6, 2009

life's so strange. you meet friends, you enjoy life , have fun. then you loose them. then at some point of life they are back in your life. now here comes the twist. your reactions towards your this so called friend is either dicey or its surely one sided. it depends on the bonding you shared earlier. if your feelings were strong enough then you know that whether you have to talk to this friend or not. and if you had a so - so relationship with this friend you'll be just waiting for that friend to react first, because you are not sure if want to talk with this friend again or don't. . jaggu's back after years. i'm so happy . hope very soon we could meet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

this piss off life never ends. every time i take a break from the long run after happiness , i find a company of problems. with a smile on their face they ask out to be my friends. don't know what to do? anyways leave it. no point discussing it right now. there's a shortage of neurons in my brain. so will think about it some time in future, when i have enough time to think and enough neurons to invest. till then enjoy life as it comes
i don't know why, some how all my work in 3rd yr end up being illustrative . though i don't want to. its may be because am not that good with typo based work. and can't use photographs till now. and then i don't feel like doing photofinish work. so the option am left with is illustration based. am not complaining, but its very important for my learning to try out other mediums also.

Monday, November 2, 2009

these long weekends with monday off, pisses me alot. if you are out of stations for a holiday its good. but when you have to stay back home and work....... its simply annoying. and this weekend was very sad except for few good things happened , like i got this illustration book on R K Laxman and Bal Thakeray 's work. m looking forward to go through the book. and m sure i'll learn more.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

college illustrations

subject- Ramayan


subject- football mania
subject- baachhaoooooooo..... ( its still incomplete, giv suggestions)
subject- guess
subject- college life 2
subject- holiday
live sketch
subject- anything for love
subject- college life 1

live sketch
new style gained
life's been so funny these days. have people around who don't have to give extra effort to be funny. then they are friends with me. so , finally we come with really hilarious moments.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

well life's going smooth. i am enjoying my work ( college work) after a long time. actually didn't enjoyed much in the 1st term except the life drawing classes. and m so happy to hear that again in this term we have got 2 live drawing classes. just love it from the core of my heart. no matter who's teacher n if he's doing some productive work or not. all i want is a model and my paper and pencil. but somehow poster work isn't coming out up to the mark. anyways am getting some positive vibes for the coming classes .really looking forward to them. so ........ i should get back to work now.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

life's so confusing. only when you use your neurons . if you don't give a damn to whats happening around you, life's very much enjoyable. but i can't figure out why am i writting all this. neways am happy with myself and my life. though being a regular guy, yeh dil mange more , always. can't help it. nobody is stable. anyhow i'll get back to work .

Thursday, October 22, 2009

hey back after the long break,on an average was sleeping for 18 hrs a day in the past 21 days . did some drawing to keep life a bit happening. met old school friends. and nothing much . will soon upload some more work

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

going back home tommorow. relief, actually trust me. but............. how far and how long can one run away from truth. don't know how to react . want 2 loose all my contacts for the next 15 days. its not impossible though but.................. won't be able to do so. the first term of 3rd yr was a totally different experience. wasn't as simple as in foundation or in 2nd yr. don't know what happened to me. now it seems am back on the right track again, hopefully. mom, here i come.
its sooooooooooo............ annoying when people for some random reason , give a full stop, while they are sharing something with you. then one has to literally cry or fight with the next person, so that he or she puke out everything . and if you are left in that condition, then the level of curosity increases and so does your blood pressure. and that feeling of hanging with a thin cotton thread is amazing. because it leads to loads of presumptions and assumptions. so the moral of the story and discussion is " practise yoga , so that you can control on your emotions."

Monday, September 28, 2009

1st term of third year was quite boring. did nothing meaningfull , didn't feel like working in college, was hanging around with friends, running after girls. no free lance work. no extra money. have lost more weight. and was not in a good mood through out the 1st term. and to add on friends and well wishers showed there extra concern. " whats wrong with you uttam? , is everything fine? you ok uttam? why are you soo sad?" ok thats very mean on my part. but still, the simple issue was that i didn't knew what was going wrong with me? . but now it seems that things are getting alot better than earlier. going back home . excited to meet family and friends after a long time. hopefully next term ............................... wait a minute no hopes please... . have to go back to work now. don't want any non submmitions in the very 1st term to screw it further.


subject-" leg pulling or pulling leg"
subject-" made for each other"
subject-" ekla chalo ree........"
subject-" dukhti rakh pe paaoon rahk diya"
subject-" ever confusing in life"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ohh.. god m missing my school. oh. shit am getting more emotional as am recalling all those great moments of my life. everything was so pure. not everything but yaa, am missing them very badly. ok what i remember about my school days . punishments, was even beaten up by princi's umbrella. and mathematics classes , cricket, basket ball, teachers love you all, and most important of all friends. love you all. miss you very much.
am so bad in conveying my feelings . my communication skills through writing sucks. have wasted about an hour to write something meanigful and i come up with this as a conclusion. so.... basically will have to work more on this department also. not now though, got some more important work to do.
yaaaaawwwwnnnnnnnnnnn...... need some break now, though i'll be back with some more work. hope u enjoyed . if yea... then do come back because i won't stop working. and if you didn't liked then also come back. am sure you'll like it next time.


live sketch.

subject-" sardarji"

subject-"haath ki kat -putli"

some other work

subjests-"ganesha" and "elvis"
subject-" dice"

illustrations i did, not for college( during my 2nd yr in college)


live sketch,

college work 2nd yr

now i know why u shuldn't be using dry pastels on hand made sheet. though i loved working on this assignment.
out door illustration . a new style taught by Mr Soumen Bhowmik. thanx sir.
silk screen work, subject -" che g"
typo work, illustrate a character using fonts
illustration using -thumbs, hand prints, brush stokes, etc
character design, name- chiku
sunject-" saadhu"