Saturday, March 6, 2010

in the past three years this college has taught me how to sell my drawings ,however i am still a loser in this department. i came here to learn " how to draw but have learnt that u cant be taught , however imitation might help in practicing da skill. is this upcoming generation of so called artist in right hands? are we heading in the right direction ?
when i was a kid i used to say " i can draw" n now i feel there's so much more to learn in drawing, its wider than i thought .
i so wish dad was a millionaire, n i had one job to do- draw and paint for myself.


  1. i so agree...wish dere was an alternative source fo earnin money n we cud sketch n paint for self satisfaction n happines..!!

  2. this is wat happen.... we start learning,,, nd we feel that der is more to go,,,
    keeep goin on uttam..